Drive-By Shooting: “This Fucking Job” Video

Look at that play button. Imploring you to do things. Unspeakable things.

Man. That headline pun is so good, it’s like Mega-Butter. Mmmmm.

Yes, the news is this news: the always-reliable Drive-By Truckers have gone and made a video – but no! Wait! – TWO videos for the chunky riff-o-rama of “This Fucking Job”. But rather than documenting the tawdry and lewd world of the “professional night-time escort” business – as the song title would misleadingly suggest – it instead shows us a man losing his job in a reputable local burger establishment, whereupon he inexplicably loses his mind in all manner of ways, and then gets himself shot to death by some nice police officers (who should have gone for a disabling shot rather than a kill shot surely?) and did I mention that he’s played by Ray McKinnon from that Deadwood show I’ve heard so much and also, that’s just one of the endings on offer? Watch both videos to run the full gamut of possible outcomes, like some sort of grotesque, perverse miniature re-enactment of Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day. That’s all beneath the cut, natch.

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