Contest: T-shirts giveaway!


We’ve got a really sweet contest up this week, where we have got 5 awesome t-shirts to give away to 5 awesome ZME readers, sponsored by ROCKWORLDEAST, a band merch online store (check out their massive inventory of T-shirts and band merch).  We’ve decided to make the contest really easy to enter, so just leave a comment bellow with the T-shirt style you’d prefer from the list bellow and you’re done. Styles #1 and #2 are designed for the ladies, #3-#9 are for the gents.


Contest ends Thursday, 1st of Octomber. Winning comments will be assigned at random according to

UPDATE: contest has ended, the winners are Dick Wallace, Danielo, El douche, Amanda and Mark Kawasaki. I’ve contacted you all over e-mail, please check your inbox. Thank you all for participating!

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