Frank Zappa explains the decline of the music business – pure gold

I love Frank Zappa – I love him. His guitar playing is fabulous, his writing skills were out of this world, and he pretty much had a good vision about what music is, what music isn’t and where it’s going; he didn’t really care about that much and did his own thing, but he knew. In this short video, he explains the decline and fall of the music business and comes to a surprising conclusion: the older, entrepreneurial “let’s try this sh*t” generation was better for pushing new wave music that they didn’t understand than the supposedly younger/hipper music executives who thought they understand.

Also, the fact that he was censored while saying “masturbation” or even “white stuff” probably makes him roll in his own grave. Little known fact: he was the (former) Czechoslovakia consultant for the government on trade, cultural matters and tourism.

frank zappa

Damn I love Frank Zappa.

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