Radiohead cancel tour because of global warming

Watch out people, it’s hypocrisy time! At least that’s what my spider sense tells me. When I first read that Radiohead were going green, I thought it’s great stuff. When I read further what going green means for them… my jaw dropped like Britney Spears’ image.

They’ve decided not to travel to the US for a promotional performance because of concerns over global warming. Sure, that will really work for their blinded fans and screaming chicks but really… for the rest of us… you could have found a better excuse if you didn’t want to go on a tour.

So they voted to record a live version of House Of Cards in London rather than fly over to the US for the one-off performance. Frontman Thom Yorke said the band avoided leaving a carbon footprint equivalent to driving a car for a solid year by recording the track in London.

So Thom, since you’re so good with the math, think about this. If you donated all the money you would have raised for environmental purposes, how much of an impact would that have had? I betcha it’s more than driving a car for a year. Now go hide in your social media site or whatever, you lazy hypocrite.

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  • Cathy

    “you could have found a better excuse if you didn’t want to go on a tour.”

    Yes. Musicians hate touring.

    Though maybe I’m just sticking up for them because I’m seeing them on the 24th, who knows?

  • Ring

    It’s not about the money, it’s about the message…

  • am

    maybe they just hate the states! hahaha! :)
    i wouldnt play in that country either.

  • Scott

    who the fuck are you to call Thom Yorke a hypocrite?! Should have taken the time to go seem them when they were in North America last. Or were you too busy pissing and moaning over a $70 dollar ticket price while stomping around in your Hummer?

  • Ayax

    Look i don’t wanna talk about thom’s hypocresy, but i’m from argentina, they’re comin over here… that’s lot more gas.
    besides, this is a poor place, and they want us to pay $300 to go see them. I tell you, there will be a lot of mamma’s boys there, but not many people that had really appreciated their music, because those are the artists.

  • Antonio

    Who the fuck are you talk about Thpom Yorke like that? Hipocresy!!??? hahahaha it seems to me that you have NO FUCKING IDEA who he really is and what RADIOHEAD is all about…. They didn’t want to go to a festival for a reason they mentioned.. if you don’t buy that that’s your fucking problem… and FYI RThom Yorke is one of the most honest fucking around here nowadays… while the big music industry puppets are still kissing the media ass to be famous for no talent at all!!! Thom Yorke shows them the middle finger while they realese “In rainbows”.

  • Antonio

    RADIOHEAD is nowadays the “pain in the ass” for the music industry… nobody wants to mess with them… nobody wants to dare them to do anything and nobody even wants to deal with them… it was so funny how in the stupid greaamy awards they NEVER pointed the cameras at them until they were announcing the nominees for album of the year… HOW COULD COULD THEY POSSIBLY GIVE THE OH PRECIOUS GRAMMY TO A BAND THAT SLAPPED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WHEN IN RAINBOWS WAS REALESE? HAHAHA… As long as I´m concerned… They are afraid of them… and by “they” I mean the dinosaurs that control the business. FUCK YOU.. from the bottom of my heart on behalf of a Radiohead fan

  • anonymouse

    It’s about the message they are sending off not being lazy