Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

Today my friends, is a sad day for music, because one of the biggest artists in the history of mankind has passed away, just when he had planned a comeback.

Most, if not all of us danced in our home to one of his songs, we all looked up to him, and we all probably made fun of him when all the scandals were out. But today, we pay homage to the man who drove all the world crazy, who’s songs went straight to number one, no matter the country, no matter the year. We pay homage to the music most of us grew up with, and to the man who no matter what was happening, loved his fans more than anything else.

We won’t get into all sort of stats, records, sales, and all that. Here’s to probably the best entertainer there ever was. Cherish the music, enjoy it – it will make him happy.

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