Taylor Swift moves one million in a week. Again.

So Taylor Swift has sold 1.2 million copies of her latest album, Red.  She, of course, did this two years ago, as well.  While it is impressive, it’s also telling: Swift gets rewarded (greatly) for essentially putting out the same collection of songs every coupla years.  She hasn’t really evolved or grown as a songwriter.

The real story of the week is the runner up to her: Kendrick Lamar, who’s fan-fucking-tastic LP good kid, m.A.A.d city, moved 242,000 units.  This number would be good enough for the top spot  just about any other week this year, but not against the demigod that is Taylor Swift.  Still a victory, though.  For Kendrick.  For fans of hip-hop.  And, for fans of albums.  Like, listen-to-these-songs-in-this-order albums.

Anyhow, to celebrate, Lamar put out a new song not from good kid, called “The Jig is Up.”  You can stream is below.

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