Jim James Plays George Harrison

Yes: hasty Photoshop-me-do!

Quick news thingy: courtesy of the ever-regrettable Pitchfork.com, it’s been revealed that My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James will be releasing an EP of George Harrison covers, entitled Tribute To (through ATO). Consisting of two Beatles songs that Harrison wrote, and four songs from Harrison’s All Things Must Pass solo record. And, in true “I do most things just to amuse myself” Jim James style, he’ll be releasing it under the devilishly cunning pseudonym, Yim Yames.


1 – Long Long Long

2 – Behind That Locked Door

3 – Love You To

4 – My Sweet Lord

5 – Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

6 – All Things Must Pass

(Some of the proceeds from the EP go to The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, so don’t you naughty children go looking for ways to pirate this one. Or I’ll be around to do in your shins with a cricket bat.)

But! There’s more! “Behind That Locked Door” is available for download HERE, and is utterly beguiling. James has always been a master of covers – from Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” to The Velvet Underground’s “Oh Sweet Nuthin'” – so the fact that he does a wonderful job with Harrison’s music is no surprise. And any My Morning Jacket fans that were left unimpressed by the patchy (but occasionally brilliant) Evil Urges album will be pleased by how easily the cover could fit onto The Tennessee Fire or At Dawn (although this is handily explained by the fact that James recorded it in 2001, soon after Harrison – like all things must do – passed).

And it certainly bodes well for the Monsters of Folk album that’s set to arrive on September 22.

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