The emo-witch hunt in Mexico: emo kids get bashed across the country!

EmoIn the last few days a wave of violence has swept the Mexican state, aimed at a subculture of Mexican youth going by the label of emo. This all started about two weeks ago in, the otherwise quiet, colonial capital of Queretaro, when mobs of people attacked groups of emos, in an attempt to force them out of the city’s main plaza. The movement soon spread to the nation’s capital of Mexico City, when emos that were hanging out around Insurgentes Metro stop were attacked by gangs of punks and soccer fans.

Emo kids are easy to recognize due to their highly specific fashion style (black clothes, tight jeans, huge bangs, black eye makeup), as well as behavior. They’re characterized by a general state of depression and a sense of being not understood. Self mutilations and suicide attempts are common among the more hard followers. The whole emo movement has been detested for a pretty long time in Mexico, but up till now was mildly tolerated and ignored. The last drop to fill the glass though, was a recent videocast by popular local VJ, named Kristoff, who expressed a serious dose of anti-emo rhetoric and switched to English to say, on network television, “Fucking bullshit” referring to the emo movement.

Blogs, myspace pages, forums and various other internet websites, in Mexico, are all filled  anti-emo message, proving there’s a somewhat nation-wide spread anger.  Here’s just a few examples:

“I HATE EMOS!!! They are not even people, they are so stupid, they cry over meaningless things…My school is infested with them, I want to kill them all!”

“We’ve never seen all the urban tribes unite against one single tribe before…Emos, their way of thinking is for crap, if you are so depressed please do us all a favor and kill yourselves!”

It seems Mexicans really do all the American’s dirty work, but this is surely too extreme. Music, even in inferior forms, shouldn’t lead to violence in any ways. Tolerance should be embraced. Let’s just hope the violence will stop soon enough and that the “anti-emo movement” doesn’t spread towards other countries.

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  • victor

    pinches emos de popo ¬¬

  • osamik

    and they like got forks and torches and stuff?

  • Tibi Puiu

    Yeah, something like that :))), more like french revolution style though :D. “Off with his head!”

  • Jason

    That’s disgusting.. do you never think that people become emo because they have problems?

  • Flowercat

    I, like most right thinking people, wish death upon Emos. But I would never advocate violence against them. Give them time, and hope the little self-harming turds cut too deep just one time.

    I’m just playing, Emos, you know I love you.

    No, really. Stop crying!

  • bigdickbrownie

    I think EMOS are a plague and it is very depressing to see wasted youth…oh shit am I turning EMO?

  • EmoHater3000

    Fucking emos, i wish death upon them as if they were the plague. they infest the world like basteria and viruses. and they’re annoying to ahve conversations with

  • anonymous

    I am ashamed at you…
    i know some truly emo kids and they have had difficult lives one i kno of attempted suicide because her alcoholic mother said she hated her then beat her. she survived but everyoe keeps their eye on her now, emo hater or not

  • anonymous


  • mrsleep

    How pathetic are you to want to kill someone because of their choices in dress and attitude?

  • remembers

    And so, history repeats itself once more.
    This is no different from any other irrational hate against any other group of people. Comments on here against emos are not too much unlike what kkk members would say about most immigrants in USA. Does anyone remember WWII? I think most people would agree that what the nazis did was not just bad/evil, but even stupid. Have you learned nothing?
    Im not an emo, and i never were. I know some of them really have problems, the rest are just silly, but to base hate on that? I know I wouldnt be able to see myself in the mirror.

  • osamik

    yeah aside from the fun you make of it, this really has to stop; besides, they’re not the real ‘plague’ here; it’s the bands, the music industry, those who promote this kind of music and behaviour
    emo kids are just the effect, not the cause; and besides, if you start beating the shit out of them that means you are definetly no better than them; probably worse

  • Elraí

    As a Mexican citizen I’m obligated to communicate you that this story is twisted and lacks of update. In the past days, there have been many public demonstrations showing that THERE IS NO REAL THREAT against emo population. It turned out to be a dirty movement from the government to distract people from the most important things my country is going through. Petroleum and drugs, just to mention two. By the way, two big deals for you fucking american idiots.

  • Chrissy

    Stereotypes annoy me. This page is full of them. From “emo” to “fucking american idiots”, I lost all respect for this page. Stereotypes and generalizations = unnecessary and ignorant hatred.

    I wish people would quit dragging their knuckles like cavemen and show compassion for once.

  • YamiLink03

    the difference between Jewish genocide,kkk racism, ect. and emo genocide is the fact that EMOS WANT IT!!! why else would you cut yourself and say life is cruel and attempt suicide. They want to die. And if you think otherwise…then you’re very very sad yourself. Give the people what they want. A quick untimely death. And Elrai. Before callin Americans idiots….you should research the general makeup of Americans. Not all are idiots. I for one am not. And seeing as I am Mexican American, the idea of you insulting me brings great shame in considering myself Mexican seeing as my own people judges the other side of me just because I’m American. I’d advise keeping your racist comments to yourself mamon.


    fucking emo cunts are bent all of you are emo’s so slash your wrists nd die, nd have a couple whizz buckets will ya nd neck 100 e’s nd die, the end fuck off

  • http://yomommabisch your mom

    i hate emo
    but theyre coo
    but not as coo as me
    i hate emo
    like sergio nieto

  • Allen V

    In Mexico, there are more things to worry about than Emo shit – border kidnappings and shootouts and shit. I completely understand the frustration with these whiny middle and upper middle class losers. With so much disparity in classes, this sort of thing is bound to happen.
    Elraî– I got a one finger American salute for you right here, buddy. Up yours.

  • emokid12

    all that people who hate emo are pussy and shit go suck someone ass and shut your fucking mouth and stop saying shit about emo …. your only jealous of them ……….

  • emokid12

    all that people who hate emo are pussy and shit go suck someone ass and shut your fucking mouth and stop saying shit about emo …. your only jealous of them ……….

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  • whatever

    way to go mexico!

  • emo kid

    emos are the best lol we migth hate life but fuck u its are like

  • Disgruntled Punk

    BOO F#*@in HOO !!! Well done all in mexico who attended
    lets rid the lands of this farcicle culture.


  • Disgruntled Punk

    Notice how i blanked out the Word fuckin as not to hurt your fragile little egos and make you want to cut yourself.


  • Zee

    This way of thinking will truely be the death of everyone..
    and im NOT talking about the “emo” culture.

    Sure their style is different
    Their attitude is different.
    But what does it matter?

    I can understand being bothered by it..
    Everyone has something that bothers
    them. Hell I don’t even like their
    style and the way they think. But do I
    Let that affect my way of thinking
    and to the point of where I’d like
    do something about it? Wow..
    I think I have more important things
    to intend to than the self satisfaction
    and high off of demoralizing someone

    This mass act of violence
    is incredibly uncalled for. For ppl to
    proclaim themselves a cure for the “infection”
    and that this is a step toward a better
    society. HAH! The focus on this idea makes This
    movement just as much disgusting as it is
    Laughable. You ppl are too full of yourselves
    to stop and think about what your doing and
    what you stand for. Its like a modern mini Nazi
    movement. I hope it stops and ends there.

    And those of you who are just hating.. and not
    even basing the idea that this will better
    society.. and for those who are following
    a school of fish just because everyone
    seems to be going a certain direction..
    I’ll say this: …Nothing…
    Since you’d probably have trouble processing
    anything more than that.

    PFFT… Emos? the ones Holding us back
    as humanity as a whole? I know your not
    but.. I’ll ask anyway..

    Seriously…its these type of collection
    of idiots that bitch and moan about
    something so insignificant who are in
    fact the true participants that negatively
    impacts the progression of society.

    Wanna help society? If you want to “put your
    Two cents in” to something.. try donating
    to some type of disease research.

    This is epic..
    absolutely epic..

  • emopunkchickxxx

    emohater3000 or watever that fucked name is could go suck a cock has that person ever even thought bout y we r emo y we r like this its cuz fuckers like him dont accept who we r r understnad our life and the way we live emochil12 is right and it is r life as emo kid said also bein emo isnt a syle its a way u live its like a culture and im a number one emo and EMO stands for EMOTIONAL google that shit assholes and not all emos cut themselves some do some write poetry some draw on themselves some listen to music so all the peole against emos can go suck a cunt cuz they dont know wat their talkin bout

  • Andres

    Come on people, cant we just leave in peace? ok you are emo, ok you are american, ok you are black, damn! whats the difference? we all hace one heart, two legs, one brain. WE ALL FEEl lonely some times, we all feel Good sometimes, Everybody wants to be a part of Something ( family, gropu of friends, religion, community etc) They want to be accepted by someone feel loved. We can all share this world. By the way I know some people out there may think Im naive, and there is people who jus t wont onderstand this point of view, AND IM NOT GONNA SAY SCREW YOU, I will say the ones who have ears LISTEN…

  • LOL!!!DIOS

    YOU EMO HATERS FUCK YOU!!!!! you dont know what it is theyre humans like any1 else theyre just “black”

  • SJ Holmlund

    That’s awesome. Emo music is a disgrace to any instrument that is associated with rock n roll. They should get punks, vegitarians and vegans next. Most emos are vegos anyway. What dumbarses, not eating meat, the maddest food ever.

  • AHHH

    first of all you all are fucking stupid for commenting on this shit…….” this guys a hypocrit”….. fuck you… im posting for a purpose. emo, skin head, punk, labels… you faccist bastards i hope you all die a painful death…. go build something you lazy fucks… carpe diem


    Ha ha ha EMO PEOPLE JK

  • http://friendster RIO

    anak emo

  • jordan

    dont use my picture i made ive gone all over the internet stopping my picture being used but people dont stop copy and pastein my pictures all over the internet


    FUCKING EMOS!! THEY RUIN EVERYTHING!! they tried to bring theyr gay ass fringes to a fucking metal concert, me and my mates gave them a chance to leave and they didnt, we fucked them up with 2 leaving in fucking ambulances!!!

  • Dylan

    “Metal head guy” your all shit your probably some pissy as little dwarf that has to be in a gang to fuck people up. your shit.

    emos don’t ruin anything they’re just people with problems, following others and friends they like to get attention. i.e (dress style, make up, suicidal attempts etc..)

    some of them are actually pretty cool i am friends with a couple and they are 2 i wouldn’t mess with.. have some respect.

    jobforacowboy \m/

  • joanna

    thats dumb they are killing all my type of people

  • :)

    Lol, this is awful but
    i dont like emos they bore me
    there attention seekers aswell
    its abit extreme to gang up on them thoo :/

  • Queretaro

    Hey there, I discovered your site a little while ago and have been reading through all the info slowly. I thought would post my comment and just say hi there & let you know I really enjoy your site so far. Will definately be stopping by to read more when I have a bit more time !


  • Hotels Queretaro

    Thanks for the information. There seems to be a never ending supply of great information on the net. I love learning new stuff, and will be back to read your posts regularly !! Thanks again :)

  • ryuzaki

    WeLl I tHiNk tHAt EvErY PeRsOn THaT hAtE eMo PeOplE cAn gO To hEll K eCauSe i tHiNk thAt thErY jUsT MiSs uNdEr StUd K So gO FuCk aLl oF Ur sElF

  • OldSchoolRocker

    I hate emos, yes, not cos of their style, but for how negative they are in life, all they say is ‘This song is sooo cool! It makes me wanna kill myself!’ All other Emos who say Emo is ‘free’, Emo means EMOTIONAL and you’re just wanna-bees

  • nemesis

    emOo ROcK…

    i mean like serioUs hOw PatHetIk are U 4 waNtiNg tO kiLL sOme1 beCuZ Of hOw theY aKt oR dreSS… tHeY are tHe sH*t!! i fUkIn lOve emOo!!! thErE iS nOtHin wRoNg w/ emOo… s3riOusLy tHeY aRe sO kOol tO fUkiN iNt3stIn tO taLk tOo!!!

  • nemesis

    emOo lOv3!!!!!

    yaLL jux hatInn cUz yaLL kant fukIn deaL w/ pAiN…!!!

  • nemesis

    EMOOO RULE!!!!

    EMOO ROK!!!



    VIVA emOo

  • emOoLOve


  • anonimo


    EMOZ rOcK!!!

  • anonimo

    reaLy messed uP….

    waNtin tO kill people jus becuz of hOww they dress or akt… fukin mOrOns…

    if i kOuld and weLL if ii was Over there i wOuLd sOo fuKinn defeNd aLL fukin emOss ii tOda La kOsaa!!!

    la vdd sOn cOn madre lOs emOo!!!!

    I LOVE EMO!!!


  • Sammi

    uhh listen…not all emos are total fakes…ik actual emo kids who cut themselfs cause so many people are beating down on him/her and it tears them apart…like for awhile i was emo…in a way u can saay…i didnt rlly dress in all black and i would act happy most of the time but i would cut myself…it was cause so many things were happenin to me and the stress got to to get rid of some of the stress i would cut

  • soccerchic

    Just shut up and listen to all of your comments. They all sound angry right? I mean sure lives are being wasted over a stupid personality controversy. It makes sense; after all, we all have opinions. But while some “emos” are cutting their lives away, and we waste our lives commenting on this, I’d like to be the first positive comment on this page. ok here it goes: yay emos for expressing yourselves, yay everyone else for responding to it, and yay for stupidity making me want to type this. to everyone out there (emos included), Have a bittersweet day. :)

  • lol these people are stupid

    “Emo” is just a style that many people happen to choose to take into their life. the fact that many often self-inflict is linked to depression, which is common among people nowadays. they take up the emo status because many people in the community are more accepting and willing to help. We don’t just go around saying how depressed we are and how we want to kill ourselves, and we don’t encourage it either. sure, at times we might breakdown and self-inflict, but it’s to help relieve the stress. Also, it can be addicting. so if they start, they can’t necessarily stop right away. I know many people who are emo and do not self-inflict, or who have recieved the strength to stop. it’s a style, just like gangster, and goth, and whatnot. It’s a lifestyle as well. we’ve been shown to be more caring, affectionate, loving, and accepting all together, because most of the time we’re not as accepted ourselves. we know how it feels to be shunned or mistreated, so we let people find a safe way to relieve stress. most of us discourage suicidal thoughts and will do our best to convince them of their thoughts.

  • Emo142

    Fuck you assholes… you hate emos..
    YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID!! Just leave us emos alone…
    everyone hates us..
    you don’t fuckin know how it hurts..