New Basement Jaxx video: ‘Scars’

Basement Jaxx

Basement JaxxWell, you know me, I can’t resist a bucket of random. Basement Jaxx‘s video for the electro duo’s latest single “Scars,” like most BJ visual contraptions from along the year,  is packed with weird loops of plants, chameleons, flying flowers and really menacing looking stuff. The CGI was rendered and directed by Dutch artist Jan Van Nuenen.

Off the duo’s recently released full length studio album “Scars” out now via XL.

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  • Darren

    Basement Jaxx had nothing to do with this video at all. It used to have the WRONG VERSION of “scars” for audio with completely different lyrics and much less Kelis but apparently someone changed it to make it seem more current. if BJ put out a video it would be much more expensive and entertaining and much higher quality.