Impending Doom: Tom Waits Prepares Live Album.

That was actually a real clever post title, y'know.

Hello. Have you been having a good day? Oh, I’m sorry – didn’t she warn you? Oh dear. Well, I’m sure they make a cream for that. Oh, they don’t? I see. Well, if anything is going to cheer you up, it’s the paragraphs which directly follow this one.

Tom Waits’ fancy new website tells us that Mr Waits is going to release a two-disc live album, taken from his 2008 Glitter & Doom Tour. This is excellent. Making this even more excellent is that the second disc features this many songs: it features no songs.

Instead, it will solely consist of an extended piece of stage banter. As anyone who has ever heard Tom Waits talk knows, that automatically makes this album more important than religion, more entertaining than a car full of nude clowns (also, the car is on fire), and more appetising than the chicken burgers I have in the oven right now.

Get your 8 song preview at his website, or by using the strange and fascinating widget I’ve embedded below.

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