Brian Wilson – ‘That Lucky Old Sun’ (Stream)

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson can be considered nothing less then an icon of contemporary music. He’s an awesome front-man, a very talented songwriter and let’s not forget he can drink you under the table and knows how to surf! Yup, a true legend, and we couldn’t have possibly not mention his upcoming solo album, “That Lucky Old Sun,” scheduled for a September 2nd release. Fan can listen to the whole album over at USA Today, where a stream of all the songs is located, be quick however, there’s no telling when they’ll cut the plug. From a premature evaluation, the songs are simply smoking! “Forever She’ll Be My Surfer Girl” and “Southern California” are the stand out tracks. Clearly, he’s doing a sorta return to his Sourthern Cal roots. Also the album has a very warm, retro vibe to it, that almost transports you to 1961, back when the mojito was served extra cold and the girls wear overly bumped bikinis. Again, the stream can be found here.

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