Like A Naturist Woman

Ham Sandwich: Rock and Bread Roll. This is a pun.

I really hope Niamh doesn’t kill me for that title. But yes, I’ve made no bones about my unfettered enthusiasm for Ham Sandwich – I’ve previously told you how heartswellingly splendid they are on precisely four thousand different occasions. But now there are four thousand and one occasions, because I’m about to do it again. The reason for that is this: they’re building up to the May 14th release of their new single “The Naturist” (and accompanying launch gig the next night, thrillingly), and it’s the excellent thing. And courtesy of State, here is that thing.
Ham Sandwich – The Naturist by statemagazine

I especially like how, even as they expand on their sound – banjos are always welcomed with open, fragrant arms in ZME’s Ivory Tower – the focus is right where it should be: the interplay between Niamh and Podge. Too few bands do duelling vocals these days (although they probably outnumber the bands who indulge in duelling guitar solos, which are also greatly missed. Duels in general seem to have gone out of style ever since it became unfashionable to casually brandish a rapier in polite company.)

You may begin eagerly anticipating Ham Sandwich’s sophomore album now, while taking a brief moment to thoughtfully purchase tickets to their May 15th Whelans gig.

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