Gang of Four play ‘Damaged Goods’ live @ Later with Jools Holland

It’s been 30 years since Gang of Four‘s iconic debut album, “Entertainment!,” was released and shook Britain with their never before seen blend of dance rock’n’roll music, post-punk and political beliefs. Now, in 2009, the band’s still as relevant as ever, although significantly older (the two remaining original members are, anyway). A small proof that the world hasn’t changed as much as we like to think. Yesterday, the Gang of Four delivered an incredible performance for Jool Holland’s Later show, where they played one of their most well known tracks “Damaged Goods,” off Entertainment!. They might be a bit older, but you’re never too old to rock!

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  • richie lane

    Saw them play back in late 70s a number of times, notably Digbeth Civic hall in B’ham, (with the Aupairs), and the Lyceum (before Lion King). Gang of Four were really one of the best bands around at that time and a defining sound of post punk directions. ’79 was itself a defining time as the hedonist expression of punk through to new wave was soon to be over taken by Thatcher’s new romanticist glam of bands I’d really rather not say, (in an old fashioned way). And maybe they weren’t Thatcher’s but they might as well have been looking back… Where as the Gang of Four or the Aupairs, or the Specials, certainly were not. Living in Cov at that time the Specials who also released in had their debut release in ’79, were also a great live band, possibly more interesting as the the Automatics, and pre the pork pie hats, but still an incredible energy as a live band as the Specials, and I saw them loads of times, (although haven’t seen their recent reformation). I didn’t see them as I was disappointed about them leaving Jerry out, thought it was a bit mean. Any how, I told Jerry this and he listened to some of my music that I had written some of back in the days discussed, but only recorded since being made redundant (like so many others), at the beginning of this year. It felt like being young again (briefly for a few moments) going to sign on again, as that is what so many of us did back during those days when Thatcher shut down what couldn’t be sold. So, as I was saying (your probably not listening any more anyway), I recorded some of my songs and Jerry, Rico, Aitch Bembridge orig drummer from Selector, John Shipley of Special aka, old mates of mine from the Cosmics (80s ska band), came along to help out some of the results of which can heard on my page:

    from Rich. aka Richie Lane