Gang of Four ask for donations


The influential post-punkers have asked fans to help finance their newest endeavor, Content, via donations. They chose,  and you can see the project for yourself (and perhaps throw some change their way).

While you can purchase a standard version this summer when the album comes out, a donation now will actually get you some tempting goodies (as well as the album). Depending upon how generous you are, you can receive extras like:

  • signed album + t-shirt (£10)
  • signed album + hand-written lyric sheet (£55)
  • album playback in London studio (£190)

or perhaps the most generous might want this:

  • Andy Gill mixes your track (£1,500)

Anyhow, if you’re at all interested you’ve only got 56 days left to pledge money to one of the truly important bands in the flooded market that is post-punk.

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