Download: Loch Lomond – ‘Wax and Wire’

Loch Lomond

Although the Portland six piece, Loch Lomond, have been at it making marvelous music since 2003 now, it wasn’t until last year that I finally caught up with them and their incredible sound – stories of love, ups and downs, reminiscence and some other of life’s leitmotifs told through music. If I were to describe them, I’d go for a soundtrack of life of almost perfect orchestration, filled with a variety of instruments (clarinets, percussion, bass, ukulele, guitar, vibraphone, banjo, etc.) and flawless harmonies. Oh, and if you’re still not convinced, look at the band’s outfit. Anyone going up on stage dressed up like they’re from a 1901 high school yearbook is awesome in my book; that and overly hipster-like.

Going back to 2009, Loch Lomond released a new five track EP this month, titled “Night Bats” (iTunes). Bellow you can check out “Wax and Wire“, the stand out song of EP, which will definitely peek your interested in the band, for those of you still unfamiliar with LL. I’ll leave it that, click and listen.

[MP3] Loch Lomond – ‘Wax and Wire

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