Quick On The Apteka

This is quite psychedelic, assuming you've never mixed peach Schnapps and fourteen-year-old turps with some washing up liquid and some yoghurt, and promptly ingested the concoction, and seem to have forgotten the following fortnight, save for the hallucinations. The horrible, horrible hallucinations.

So, if you’re of the age where standing up requires a manly grunt and a sturdy handhold, you may remember a time when the Smashing Pumpkins were an exciting, viable rock band, rather than a withering, sputtering self-parody, and when Jane’s Addiction were quirky artisty-types rather than the embarrassing uncles of the alternative scene. It’s fair to say that Apteka – promising upstarts from Chicago – probably have some fond memories of that time, because they’re this: quite alarmingly similar to both of those bands. Nowhere are these similarities more respectively striking than on the upcoming 7″ singles Apteka are releasing this spring, “Traitors” and “Aragon Sound” (except perhaps on “Edie Sees” from their original Tour EP, which could reasonably pass for a slightly clumsy cover of the Pumpkins’ “1979”). Do you want a listen? Of course you do – so click through, guy!

Apteka- Traitors by CrashAvenue

It’s quite good, actually, in a “Yeah, this’d be something to catch in a small tent at a festival and then brag about to everyone who missed it” kind of way, and should certainly have early 90s nostalgics all in a lather. So go HERE and order the single, why not. What else are you going to spend that money on? Penny sweets?

Cos – y’know – if you are, I want some.

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