Free for download latest Suede song: Barriers



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I guess that today is a great day for science… I mean music. January 7th 2013 should remain in the history of the music as the day with many song releases from many many bands. Maybe I am exaggerating a little beat, but today bands like Bon Jovi, Deap Vally, Bat for Lashes, Cecilia Bartoli, even Jimmy Hendrix and the list continues, released some great new songs.

These guys from Suede, not that only released a song on the legendary day January 7, but they made their bright new song available for download and as free as possible. The song’s name is Barriers, and is the first song to be heard from their newest and 6th album, Bloodsports, and in February they are going to release another song called: It Starts and Ends With You.

The band’s frontman, Brett Anderson, said in a statement about their upcoming album:

After a year of sweating and bleeding over the record it’s finally finished so we wanted to get some music out there as soon as we could. ‘Barriers’ isn’t the first single but we are proud enough of it to just chuck it out there and thought that its pulsing, romantic swell somehow summed up the feel of the album quite nicely. The album is called ‘Bloodsports’. It’s about lust, it’s about the chase, it’s about the endless carnal game of love. It was possibly the hardest we ever made but certainly is the most satisfying. it’s ten furious song for me have reclaimed for me what Suede was always about: drama, melody and noise.

For all the fans out there, go on go on the band’s official website, or click this link in order to listen and/or download Barriers.

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