You Can Lead A Horse To Water. (Specifically, A Stream.)

Beards are even better when they are sepia.

Since I’m here, and not really doing anything else of import (tonight’s checklist in chronological order: have a bit of a sit down; listen to the Ray Foley Show Podcast (while sitting); do nothing else of import), I might as well inform you of this thing: Band of Horses’ new album Infinite Arms (which is released into the great wide open next week) can be streamed in its entirety using this “gidget”:

I haven’t listened to the whole thing myself, but the few songs I’ve distractedly heard from it during an episode of podgy British music-man Jools Holland’s Later… show were pleasingly constructed, and are certainly preferable to a tramp’s embrace. Also, singer Ben Bridwell heroically preserves the integrity of tonight’s “Beards: They’re Awesome” theme.

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