Manowar are going to release a new EP: The Lord Of Steel Live


The EP is going to feature performances from Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Czech Republic ( a lot). The album is going yo be mixed and mastered and whatever they do to their music in the studio, at the Manowar’s studio, Hell and Haus Wahnfried by Joey DeMaio (I love this guy, even if his old).

Below is a list with the featured tracks:

01. El Gringo 
02. Expendable 
03 Hail, Kill And Die 
04. Manowarriors 
05. The Lord Of Steel 
06. Thunder In The Sky

And great news evreyone, Joey also said that:

We are proud to be able to give our fans multiple choices: We have released a limited edition of the album in collaboration with Metal Hammer U.K., with its own artwork and special mixes as a first look at what is to come. For those who prefer digital content and wish this limited version, they have the option of getting it as download album.

The worldwide retail release [is] available with different versions of the songs and a totally different mix and master as CD and limited vinyl, both with spectacular new art by Ken Kelly. And, of course, this version [is] available as digital album as well. The fans can decide which options and configurations they prefer.

And what I like about the band is this thing, that Joey also said:

MANOWAR are a unit. Every band member brings in a unique contribution, so it was only logical for us to start over and include Donnie from the beginning of the creative process.

Some people will say its a shame to abandon something you have invested a lot of time and energy in, but that’s the way we work. It has to feel right for all of us.

The live EP is going to be release live in August this year, also the The Lords Of Steel (the non-live version) is already available on iTunes.

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