New Music Monday: 15 April

Everclear The Vegas Years

My favorite record for this week is clearly Anthony Gonzales,’ or M83 as he’s better know, fifth LP “Saturdays = Youth.” I’ve always been fascinated by the way he masterfully mixes electronic and shoegazing elements, that gave as result some wonderful eclectic ambient music. Then there’s of course one of our recent favorites Tristan Prettyman, and her latest sophomore release “Hello…x.” Also another album worth picking up this week, is the latest LP from the Californian neo-psychedelics The Brian Jonestown Massacre, titled “My Bloody Underground.”

Other worthy mentions include new material from Mariah Carey, Kooks, Jason Mraz, Freddie Stevenson, Joseph Arthur or Everclear.

M83  	Saturdays = Youth
M83: Saturdays = Youth

Tristan Prettyman  	Hello
Tristan Prettyman: Hello

The Child Ballads  	Cheekbone Hollows
The Child Ballads: Cheekbone Hollows

The Brian Jonestown Massacre  	My Bloody Underground
The Brian Jonestown Massacre: My Bloody Underground

Jason Mraz - We Dance

Jason Mraz: We Dance

Phantom Planet  	Raise the Dead
Phantom Planet: Raise the Dead

Joseph Arthur  	Crazy Rain and Boredom
Joseph Arthur: Crazy Rain and Boredom

In Flight Radio  	The Sound Inside
In Flight Radio: The Sound Inside

Freddie Stevenson  	All My Strange Companions
Freddie Stevenson: All My Strange Companions

Asia  	Phoenix
Asia: Phoenix

Kooks  	Konk
Kooks: Konk

Mariah Carey  	E=MC2
Mariah Carey: E=MC2

Lady Antebellum  	Lady Antebellum
Lady Antebellum: Lady Antebellum

Everclear  	The Vegas Years
Everclear: The Vegas Years

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