Download: The Breeders – ‘Bang On’

The Breeders

The Breeders

For as long as I can remember The Breeders have been subjected to unworthy ignorance and ill recognition of their efforts. Truth is people don’t know what they’ve been missing all these years, seeing as this alternative quartet has been coughing up quality, magical pieces of music since 1988. Odds are, that Mountain Battles, the band’s latest album, will suffer the same lack of appreciation, which is too bad considering how many great moments there are to uncover in this record. Shortly put, it’s a really good album; their best in 15 years. Yes, I know there have only been two in that respective time frame, but still it rocks.

Musical style-wise Mountain Battles is a bit strange, meaning it employs a very varied array of influences and tempo shifts. For example some are more clear-cut pop songs, such as “Bang On” and “Walk It Off,” while othe a lot more different like the ethnically centered “German Studies” and “Regalame Esta Noche,” which are sung in German and Spanish, respectively. There’s also a middle eastern flavored track in the form of “Istanbul” and even a little try with experimentalism in the title track Mountain Battles.


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