New Music Monday: 17 March

This seems like a great week for indie and punk acts, with new records from the likes of Be Your Own Pet, The Kills, The Matches, The Hush Sound or The A.K.A.s. The most interesting release of this week, however, is the self titled record from recently publicized Yael Naim. She gained a lot of recognition and fame when her lead single New Hope got featured on the new Macbook Air Apple ad. Other notable releases include “Sixes & Sevens” by Adam Green and “Trouble In Dreams” by Destroyer.

Yael Naim
Yael Naim: Yael Naim

The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!)  	Everybody Make Some Noise!
The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!) : Everybody Make Some Noise!

Be Your Own Pet  	Get Awkward
Be Your Own Pet: Get Awkward

Adam Green  	Sixes & Sevens
Adam Green: Sixes & Sevens

Danity Kane  	Welcome To The Dollhouse
Danity Kane: Welcome To The Dollhouse

The Hush Sound  	Goodbye Blues
The Hush Sound: Goodbye Blues

The Matches  	A Band In Hope
The Matches : A Band In Hope

She & Him  	Volume 1
She & Him: Volume One

Rocko  	Self-Made
Rocko: Self-Made

The Kills  	Midnight Boom
The Kills: Midnight Boom

Flo Rida  	Mail on Sunday
Flo Rida: Mail on Sunday

Trouble In Dreams - Destroyer
Destroyer: Trouble In Dreams


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