Listen latest Arctic Monkeys song: Mad Sounds



Source Arcitc Monkeys

The band’s song, Mad Songs, is one of the tracks from their upcoming album, and they played it at two of some Scandinavian festivals in this weekend, Hultsfred Festival in Sweden and Danish NorthSIde Festival. The quality of the video is not very good, because it was recorded by a fan, but if you are an Arctic Monkeys fan, I bet that this fact doesn’t really matter.
Alex, the band’s frontman, introduced the song by saying:

break things down, just a bit,

and also added:

keep warm by cuddling or something like that

I don’t know about you guys but I’d like to cuddle with Alex, or something like that.(joke) If you ask me, the song is not such a big deal, but maybe you’ll understand it better.

These guys are on tour, so if you want to listen to them live, go to their official page and see if they are coming in your town, maybe you’ll want to listen to this song the HD way, live.
So, what do you guys think about the song?


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