New Music Monday: 20 October

Well, boys and girls, I don’t think I’ll be the only saying this, but I’ve been waiting for  this week to finally arrive for almost a year, since I first heard AC/DC were prepping new material. “Black Ice” is the band’s latest full length studio effort, the first one in almost eight years, the follow-up to the, some what, awesome “Stiff Upper Lip.” All the proper elements of a classic AC/DC record are here: Brian Johnson singing his gut out, Angus Young rocking your sock off (in the proper tidings, of course; the notorious school boy uniform) and bunch of electrifying tracks. A solid contender for ’08 top 10 albums. We’ll see.

Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?” was simply awesome, being, for me at least, Of Montreal‘s best effort yet, out of a quite impressive catalog, that could make a few veteran bands look like plain amateurs. Now, whether “Skeletal Lamping” can actually deliver the sudden rise of bar in quality is more or less questionable. There’s no question about it, though. If the band can put out an equally awesome album as last year’s Hissing Fauna, then they can definitely truly settle a leading position in the indie scene, critically speaking, anyway. I’ve heard a few tracks on youtube these last few days, uploaded by some fans, and it sounds pretty good. I’ve yet to get my hands on the whole material, on good sound quality, but when I eventually manage to do so, I’ll be certain to share a few opinions. Most likely you can find them at our Twitter account.

This week’s clearly lacking some quantity, but it more then makes up for it with quality. Other new recommended stuff includes new music by: Brett Dennen, Super XX Man and Lee Ann Womack.

AC/DC: Black Ice

Bohren & der Club of Gore: Dolores
Bohren & der Club of Gore: Dolores

Brett Dennen: Hope for the Hopeless

Electric Six: Flashy

Hospital Ships: Oh, Ramona

Ludacris: Theater of the Mind

Of Montreal: Skeletal Lamping

Super XX Man: Volume XII: There’ll Be Diamonds

Lee Ann Womack: Call Me Crazy

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