Check out this game based on Joy Division’s ‘Love will tear us apart’



Source Joy Division

Joy Division inspired lots of bands and albums, and these particular song actually was covered many, many times by a lot of bands. It seems that recently, Joy Division’s, Love Will Tear Us Apart inspired also some guys in order to come up with a new free online game.  This guys are Mighty Box Games, and the game is available here  under the name of Will Love Tear Us Apart. 

The idea behind this game is something like this:

What guides this game is an ambition to frustrate, upset and sting the player into remembering the dark days preceding the death of a relationship. Reflect on the darker side of love: miscommunication, emotional impasse and the sadness of separation. Solace may be found in the brief moment of lightness that comes over us when we come to terms with the reality of an irreconcilable relationship.

Before checking out this new game you might want to watch the trailer, maybe this convinces you a little bit. All I can say is that maybe I am going to play this game just because it is based upon Joy Divion’s song (which by the way, is one of my all time favorite songs).

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