Lady Gaga stars in next Machete movie



Source. Lady Gaga in the next Machete movie

I am sick of this thing with : Oh! Lady Gaga shocks again!/OMG what is she up to now!… and other stupid things like these. I have to admit that, when it comes to style, I really like Lady G. (beside the meat-dress thing, I hate that one). Anyway, so she appears in this picture dressed like a diva, or a 40’s sexy diva, covered with a dead wolf (OK I don’t like  this wolf part) with a gun in her hand. I don’t find this shocking, can someone explain me why is this shocking? I think she’s gorgeous.

The idea of this picture is that, she is going to appear  in the next Machete Kills movie, which is going to be out in theaters starting 13th September this year. She’s going to play as La Chameleón and according to IMDB, she’s an old love affair of Machete Cortez, which comes back because they both have some unfinished business.

In the movie will also appear: Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara and many others.

You should watch the teaser trailer below and tell me if you also find  Lady Gaga as shocking, and also what you think about the movie, because I can’t wait to go to the cinema. Enjoy!


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