New Music Monday: 10 March

This week to grace us with their presence is one of Seattle’s most fun and underrated bands, The Presidents of the United States of America, who are releasing their sixth studio album “These Are The Good Times People.” Also on the rap front, Fat Joe, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg are all coming back strong with new records; curious to see how Snoop, and his “Ego Trippin‘,” will do particularly. Irish soul master, Van Morrison, is rolling out his latest record “Keep It Simple” this week as well. Keep it simple and real Mr. Morrison, we’ll be closely watching your new album, while keeping a eager eye on one of my favorite lady guitarists Kaki King and her forth album “Dreaming of Revenge“. For those a bit unfamiliar with Kaki, please check out video one and two, you’ll be soon hooked.

Presidents of the United States of America  	These are the Good Tim
Presidents of the United States of America: These are the Good Times People

Snoop Dogg  	Ego Trippin’
Snoop Dogg: Ego Trippin’

Van Morrison  	Keep It Simple
Van Morrison: Keep It Simple

Young Knives  	Superabundance
Young Knives: Superabundance

Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan : Dr. Manhattan

Why?  	Alopecia
Why? : Alopecia

Kaki King  	Dreaming of Revenge
Kaki King: Dreaming of Revenge

Rick Ross  	Trilla
Rick Ross: Trilla

Saosin  	Come Close
Saosin: Come Close

Sarah Slean  	The Baroness
Sarah Slean: The Baroness

Fat Joe  	Elephant in the Room
Fat Joe: Elephant in the Room

Saving Abel - Saving Abel
Saving Abel: Saving Abel


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