New Blink-182 Christmas song: Boxing Day

Source. Blink-182 - Dog Eating Dogs

Source. Blink-182 – Dog Eating Dogs

Check out the latest Christmas song from Blink-182, Boxing Day from the upcoming EP: Dog Eating Dogs. Starting December 12, the EP is going to be available worldwide for all the fans out there. On their official website you can pre-order this new EP in a package actually with some other “goodies” as t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. in the spirit of Christmas.

Talking about Dog Eating Dog , Tom DeLonge said to Billboard:

It sounds like a very progressive punk-rock band. It’s prog-rock and punk all coming together and it’s very modern and relevant

He also told Billbord that this new material will be nothing like Neighborhoods, their latest released material (2011).

We’re connected and laughing and making jokes and making fun of each other, and really having strong debates whether or not we should have a whole chorus about penises.

I mean that’s what Blink was always good at: Taking a great song and making it into a dick joke… But we never did that on ‘Neighborhoods.’ There was no laughing on ‘Neighborhoods.’ There were no dick jokes.

Well, enjoy the song!

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