Foster The People release new video: Best Friend



Foster The People – Best Friend Source

The indie pop band, Foster The People just released their newest video for Best Friend. The song is actually one of the tracks from the band’s latest album, released in March this year, Supermodel.

The video for Best Friend, which was directed by Brewer, tells the story of a young supermodel who actually eats other girls in order to take their most beautiful body parts, at the end, becoming a skinny ugly monster which throws up a piece of clothing and her “last meal”  on the catwalk.


Foster The People – Supermodel album artwork Source

What I find very interesting about this new video is the fact that it resembles very well the whole idea behind the band’s newest album and their album artwork as well. Check out below the poem from the album’s cover:

I ate it all; plastic, diamonds and sugar-coated arsenic as we danced in honey and sea-salt sprinkled laxative. Coral blossomed portraits in Rembrandt light; cheekbones high and fashionable. Snap! goes the moment; a photograph is time travel, like the light of dead stars painting us with their warm, titanic blood. Parasitic kaleidoscopes and psychotropic glow worms stop me dead in my tracks. Aphids sucking the red off a rose, but for beauty I will gladly feed my life into the mouths of rainbows; their technicolor teeth cutting prisms and smiling benevolently on the pallid hue of the working class hero.

Check out the video below and enjoy it!

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