Rilo Kiley’s new album: ‘sexiest ever’ ?

Rilo KileyThe LA indie quintet [tag]Rilo Kiley[/tag] have finished recordings for their full length album called “Under The Blacklight”, due in August 20 and now they’ve started to shed some light in the obscurity of this new LP. I really liked their last 2004 release “More Adventurous”, so i was pretty much glad when is saw NME‘s post, where they asked Rilo Kiley about this upcoming album’s sound.

When asked Jenny Lewis and guitarist Blake Sennett answered:

“The sexiest music there is has a strong rhythmic perspective, and this album has a really strong rhythm section that our last records didn’t have,” said Sennett.

Lewis added: “As a woman, the older I get the more comfortable I feel writing about sex and singing about it, whereas in my late teens and early 20s I wouldn’t have dared. But now I feel comfortable enough where I can start writing about sex — not necessarily about my own experiences, but the sexual lives of others. And the somewhat deviant sexual lives of others.”

I don’t know if this is the most sexiest album ever, but i can’t deny the fact that it has , let’s say, sexual influences; influences that can be really be summed up by their latest single “The Moneymaker”, a debatable video to say the least, with real porn stars for protagonists.

“We all came up with the concept and stepped into that world (of pornography) knowing so little,” Lewis admitted. “We met some really interesting, nice people. They were incredibly open with us. I think everyone possesses within them the moneymaker, it’s just a matter of if you’re willing to go there.”

Well yeah, i bet those porn people were really “opened”, but whatever i’m really looking forward to your new release.

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