Sebastian Bach becomes Maroon 5 frontman for unique ‘Moves Like Jagger’ Performance

Well, Sebastian Bach sure didn’t revolutionize the music industry like he promised, but at least he’s having a lot of fun – he starred in the first episode of “Sing Your Face Off”, a new show on ABC.

Most people wouldn’t wonder how rock legend Sebastian Bach would look and sound like imitating Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, playing “Moves like Jagger”; but then again, the guys working at ABC aren’t most people. In the network’s latest singing competition, Bach attempted to recreate Maroon 5’s 2011 hit single. Here’s how it went down:


So what do you think? Personally… I’m not a fan. I was a little amused by the rendition – it sounds like Bach is really trying to reach some of the notes in the beginning and he’s clearly out of his comfort zone, but he pulls it out quite admirably. But participating on the show in itself… I don’t really know what to say.

For now, the show will feature only six episodes. Entertainment Weekly described it as following:

“‘Sing Your Face Off,’ a new series based on a reality format that’s popular overseas, will allow stars to morph into their favorite popular musical acts in both style, look, and performance. During the show’s six-episode run, viewers will watch five celebrities (including Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, actor Jon Lovitz, basketball star Landry Fields, singer China Ann McClain and actor/TV personality Lisa Rinna) undergo vocal training and physical transformation to take on the identity of a popular musician. They will be judged by a panel that includes actor John Barrowman (‘Arrow,’ ‘Torchwood’), pop singer Debbie Gibson, and comedian Darrell Hammond (‘Saturday Night Live’).”+

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