I want the new Wolfmother record NOW!



Band officials just recenly unveiled the cover art for Wolfmother‘s upcoming “Cosmic Egg.” “That’s a darn big ass egg alright“, says the stoked young boy in the bushes, staring enigmatically. In the land down under, however, nothing is surprising anymore.

Enough with the comic eggs though, I want heavy and mind blowing cosmic jams! I’ve been pretty anxious about the new album ever since I heard Wolfmother’s new single “Back Round” when we featured it back in April. I can now at least rest assured Cosmic Egg is gonna surface sometime this year, as a fixed release date has been finally announced – October 9 (Austrialia) and October 13 (U.S.). Eh, two months… I guess it could have been worse.

[MP3] Wolfmother – Back Round


01 California Queen
02 New Moon Rising
03 White Feather
04 Sundial
05 In the Morning
06 10,000 Feet
07 Cosmic Egg
08 Far Away
09 Pilgrim
10 In the Castle
11 Phoenix
12 Violence of the Sun

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