Faith Some More?

One of my very favourite things I’ve seen on Youtube over the years was Mike Patton, giving an interview at Lollapalooza. He talks about his upcoming projects – some Italian music, and probably a record consisting solely of him gurgling on some turps, while jabbing a violin into some children’s eyes (although he neglects to mention that one) – before getting distracted by the strains of Wolfmother playing on a stage nearby. He administers a verbal smackdown, and gets branded as jealous by a legion of net-surfing Wolfmother fans who hate being told the truth. It’s awesome.

Oh, and incidentally, while we’re on the subject of Mike Patton and music festivals, word is (courtesy of Mike Patton’s publicist, by way of that Faith No More are officially reuniting for a string of summer dates in Europe.

Okay, pick yourself up off the floor and dust yourself off, Gummy – we know it’s big and exciting. We know Everything’s Ruined, Ashes to Ashes and Midlife Crisis were some of the best hard rock singles of the 90s. And we know that, reportedly, FNM have no intention of touring the States anytime soon, which is kind of funny. But we also know that former guitarist Jim Martin is most likely not involved, so this big, lovely kiss on the lips does come with the slightest, barely detectable aftertaste of wee.

Also, it’ll probably distract Patton from his onstage phlegm-clearing extravaganzas, which – while indisputably wrongheaded and distressing – are far superior to anything Wolfmother will ever do.

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