ZME Music gets a re-ddddddddesign!

ZME Music Redesign

ZME Music Redesign

We’ve been bragging about a new design for the blog for a looooong, long time, but we’ve never really got around doing it. I guess money time was really a problem. Anyway, we got around finally do it, and we’re really pleased about it. We’re now thinking about adding some extra features, and here’s where you come in. If someone has any suggestions that can possibly lead to the improvement of ZME Music, then please leave a comment bellow. We very much appreciate it. Oh, and a little bit of feedback on the new design is welcomed too. Just take a second and cast a vote on the poll bellow or/and leave a comment on this post.

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  • Guru

    I am very found of collecting variety of Music because i want every person in this world listen there music where they want.

  • Dloadmp3

    you guys rock!