New Music Monday: December 17

The string of inconsistent releases, leave their mark, this week as well, with the usual end of the year mediocre Hip-Hop releases and here and there compilations. Worth mentioning are [tag]Mary J. Blige[/tag], [tag]Lupe Fiasco[/tag] or [tag]Chingy[/tag], each with a new album out this week. A personal favorite of mine this week is from behalf of [tag]Weezer[/tag] frontman Rivers Cuomo and his first solo record “Alone–the Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo,” a collection of songs that Cuomo has recorded from 1992-2007.

Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo: Alone–the Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo

Mary J.
Mary J. Blige: Growing Pains

Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco: The Cool

Jaheim: The Making Of A Man

Chingy: Hate It Or Love It


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