Slipknot enter studio, working on very heavy album

It’s a good time to be a metal fan: guitarist Jim Root of Slipknot and Stone Sour recently posted a photo to confirm the band’s studio entrance; previously, vocalist Corey Taylor said they will be starting work on a ‘very heavy album’.

Featuring a heavily tattooed arm holding a Fender guitar by a mixing board, the photo on Instagram sends out a pretty clear message that new stuff is on the way; the comment is pretty clear too: Sig love on the API” and #fenderguitar #work #thecoffeesucks #slipknot2014.

Corey previously described the upcoming album as “‘Vol. 3’ meets ‘Iowa.'”.

“It’s really dark, there’s some really good esoteric stuff to it, a lot of good melody without taking away from the heaviness,” he told the Blairing Out Show. “It’s gonna be pretty rad.”.

He said this in November 2013:

“We’re just getting demos right now and hoping to get to the studio in the summer [of] next year,” the singer added. “So very soon we’re gonna start having some stuff to get out to the people.”

Well, apparently, things moved much faster than he anticipated, and the boys are at it again! However, they didn’t say anything about Joey Jordison’s apparent departure from the band. Previously, the drummer said that he loves Slipknot and would “never leave the band”, hinting that he was in fact fired. However, no official statements can be made on either side due to legal reasons – which pretty much sucks.

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