Corey Taylor talks about a Slipknot comeback


Maybe you remember the fact that the band’s bassist Paul Gray died of a drug overdose, and after that Corey, which was one of his best friends, was devastated (you can also watch at the bottom of the page, a video with Corey Taylor crying when got his tattoo in memory of Paul). This event kind of slowed the band’s performance, actually they stopped writing new material for about 3 years.

In an interview for Pulse of Radio, Corey said that:

I know everybody is pretty keen on getting together and seeing what happens next year, so I mean, if it takes us a year to write an album, so be it

The main goal is to just get us in the room and just see what happens, you know. If we can get past that first day, I think it’ll come together. Now that we’re all kind of in better places in our lives and whatnot, it’s making it a little easier to be excited about it again. It’s just starting to feel like it’s time.

So, if I may translate this, Slipknot is getting back in business; I guess you were all expecting a message from this guys, 3 years was kind of a long period of time without any kind of new material.

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