Download: Justice – ‘Planisphere’



Back in July the French electro duo, Justice, were comissioned by Dior Homme to make a mix for their Spring/Summer 2009 runway show. Of course, faboulous results didn’t fail to arrive, and the whole fashion show buggied to Justice beats. Now, some good months since the incident, Justice has released the whole 15 minute mix, titled “Planisphere” and distributed into four parts, as a free download at their MySpace page. What’s interesting is how the duo managed to make the whole mix so beautifully interesting, considering it’s only centered around a one chord progression, with various effects manipulated around it. The best part, of the four comprising Planisphere, is actually the final one, which surprisingly or not didn’t make it on the Dior Homme fashion show at all. Pitty. Anyway, check out all four parts as well as full mix, for those want to hear it all in one piece, right bellow.


Justice – Planisphere (entire mix)

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