Consider This: Amber Rubarth Covers “Losing My Religion”

Eventually, all posts on this site will be about Amber Rubarth and jokes, and then my mission will be complete.

I’m sitting here doing nothing any more productive than listening to a podcasted edition of the Ray Foley Show from a week and a half ago, so I may as well occupy my weary fingers with this thing: writing about one of my favourite singers. Relevantly, that singer is the charming chirpy chanteuse Amber Rubarth, and she’s just released a cover of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion”. It’s rather spiffing.

Recorded for Filter Magazine’s “DREAM ART EXPLOSION” (which sounds like a pretentious teen’s way of explaining stained bedsheets (allegedly)) it’s a wonderfully minimal little thing. Rubarth pares the song down to a ghostly guitar accompaniment, sings the mandolin riff, and thoughtfully reminds us what bloody great songwriters R.E.M are. So hooray for that, and hooray for download links.


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