Mothers hide your daughters – Creed may be back!

Through out their short spanned existence, the post grunge Tallahassee quartet Creed rapidly gained popularity among clearly troubled youth, selling millions of records and, in the process, becoming one of the most atrocious bands the earth has ever seen.

No, I don’t hate Creed, not more than your average decent music lover, anyway. I can’t lie, I did my own little victory dance when I finally heard the band disbanded, but with these recent news that came to my ears that Creed might reform, I suddenly feel my fragile existence shattered into itty bitty pieces. I was already depressed from the last Limp Bizkit reunion.

Seems like the band’s officials have a really mysterious teaser up on the website, enticing fans (friends and relatives prolly) to “stay tuned” and check for updates in the future. The big ass tube in the middle of the screen probably precedes a marvelous comeback video. The bellow video leak is the alleged one that will be featured on the Creed website in the soon future. If it’s true or not, I’m not sure, but if it is, that’s another sign of incompetence.

What a load of $%@^&&#%#!

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