10 Online Tools That Do-It-Yourself Musicians Must Know

All things can now be seen easily on the Internet.

Nowadays all of us have the right to access internet, so as the online tools that help to finish tasks easily. The internet can also be used to extend your reach to your target audience and improve your band’s popularity.

Since there are many bands that can be seen on the Internet, the question now is how to effectively promote your band? What online tools should I need to achieve success?

Below are useful tools to increase your band’s productivity and online presence. The good thing about these sites is that you don’t need to be a techie type of person to use them. All you need is creativity and knowledge in music.

ArtistData – The more profiles you create, the more areas you must update. You will never experience this on ArtistData. This tool gives one location to update all social networking accounts. Just enter the date and see it shown on your social networking profiles like SonicBids, MySpace, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc. You could also import RSS feeds for your blogs and news. This tool has a good user interface.

Band Metrics – A web software that analyses, collects, and displays trends on your favorite bands and musicians. This tool can definitely help you plan on your next gig.

Bandize – This tool helps band members and managers teamed up with all data from event schedules, sales, and other contact details.

WePrintDiscs -We Print Discs is an online provider in both digital CD printing and duplication. This company is perfect for your CD’s by providing CD duplication, replication, and printing. There are other distributors to choose from for both digital and retail like CD Baby, RouteNote and American Recordable Media.

OurStage – An online tool which many independent musicians go to get more exposure and audience. Fans and artists can build accounts which provides as their own homepage for their work and a board for their groups, community, and ratings. Visitors of their profile rate the artists and artists are hoping to get a spot on “Best Of”. Assessing the works by evaluating 2 videos or songs.

Reverb Nation – A digital distribution, fan commerce, twitter and status update, and fan relationship management system.

SonicBids – One thing that is good about this tool is the EPK. EPK allows to easily and quickly group all the information that a promoter needs to see like photos, artist information and music. Gig listing feature of this tool is also good for musicians.

TubeMogul – It is almost similar to ArtistData, TubeMogul offers comprehensive analysis in what, who, and how the music videos viewed.

Twitter – It is understood that Twitter is a powerful promotion tool. You can share guides and retweet your status and music by other artists.

YouTube – It is a great avenue to increase your exposure as an artist. This powerful site is so great that many popular music artists are getting famous because of it. A good example is the music video Gangnam Style by PSY.

Then here you go, I use all of these tools to create good music. If you have tools which can help musicians that are not mentioned in this post, I will be more than happy to hear them.

About The Author

This is a guest post by JV White, marketing consultant of WePrintDiscs.com and AmericanRecordableMedia.com. We Print Discs provides CD printing, duplication, and replication for professionals, particularly businessman and musicians. You can find him at Twitter @jvwhite1980.

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