Pixies stream new album: Indie Cindy



Pixies – Indie Cindy album artwork Source

The Pixies decided to stream their entire upcoming album, Indie Cindy, one week before its official release on April 29. Indie Cindy is also the first album to be released by the band in 23 years and you can still  pre-ordere it on Amazon. The band also released a secret song, Woman of War as part of this year’s Record Store Day, where they released a limited-edition set.

Listen to Woman of War below!

Talking about the album, the band’s drummer, David Lovering, said that:

We started seriously talking about recording new music about four years ago. New music seemed like something we just had to do, we just couldn’t continue to go out and tour without anything new. So the talk evolved into writing and recording, and we’re all very happy with the way everything worked out.

Last month the band released a video for one of the songs from Indie Cindy. You can check out the video for Greens and Blues, here!
Enjoy the full album below and tell me what do you guys think about it in the comments!

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