The new Beatles Rock Band seems like loads of fun!

The Beatles

The BeatlesI’m not really a fan of the whole Guitar Rock/Rock Band gimmick. I don’t know, I guess I’ve never found any fun or joy in the games, even though everybody plays them. I’m not gonna go around making hypocritical remarks like “learn to play a real instrument,dude!” or “Metallica on Rock Band? You guys are so fucking selling out all over again,” it’s just that the concept of having a controler with four buttons which need to be pressed at a certain interval depending on a song’s beat doesn’t seem quite fun. I’d rather be frantically pushing a controller as I break an enemy to pieces in a duel to the death, then just passively score points over a tune.

The Beatles: Rock Band however seems different, to me, personally, at least. As in AWESOME! Yes, I’m a huge Beatles fan, and I have a lot of friends who are share my Beatles passion. Yes, this will be fun!

I’ve watched a few trailers of the game since it was first announced a few months back at E3 and was instantly hooked, but this latest trailer featuring actual gameplay captures the game’s beauty perfectly! It’s not only about the 45 mastered tracks gather from the band’s entire catalog, it’s about the whole experience. George, Paul, John, Ringo, they’re all featured as you play with your buds, be it in a Abbey road studio, in front of a raging crowd or even in a acid trip scenery. Check out the video bellow, soundtracked by The Beatles’ “Birthday”.


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