Marriage sparks conflict in the Kings of Leon

Kings of LeonThe drummer of the Nashville indie rock band [tag]Kings of Leon[/tag], Nathan Followill, one of the four Followills ( three brothers and one cousin) composing the band proposed yesterday night to his girlfriend. Nathan popped the big question to his girlfriend Jessie Baylin, at her parents New York restaurant, over a bottle of Cristal. Not every one is too happy about this, Nathans marriage, it seems, interfering with his commitment to the band, according to KoL frontman  Caleb Followill.

“If he doesn’t get a pre-nuptial agreement, he’s an idiot,” Caleb says for The Independent. “Me and him have a lot invested in each other,” he adds, not looking at his brother. “We started this band. We’ve bought land and houses together. We’ve been best friends since we were little biddy boys. I don’t want him to make mistakes.”

To whom Nathan countered with: “Look at Bono–he’s been married his whole career. It’s different for me than it is for Caleb, I’m pushing 30. It’s always hard when big brother starts devoting time to a girl that would normally be devoted to little brother.”

It would be a shame for a such a great band to fight each other for such petty issues, it would be a even greater shame if they broke up. They’re strong brotherly bound will surely prevent that, at least i hope so.

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