Cyndi Lauper calms down airport by singing

Cyndi Lauper is one hell of a singer ! If you haven’t listened to her, you really should, it’s exactly the 80s kind of oldies but goldies, and with a tremendous voice. But she’s also one hell of entertainer, and after all these years, she still knows how to have fun.

Things were getting pretty ugly in the airport in Buenos Aires, flights were delayed and canceled, and everybody was on the edge of their nerves, and nobody knew what could be done to diffuse the situation – as you know, things can get pretty hot with Argentinian people.

But the eccentric 80s pop icon found the absolute perfect solution to diffuse the situation: she started singing her most well known songs. Cyndi, now 57 calmed the angry crowd, and actually turned the worse day ever into a day many people will remember all their lives – now that’s what I call a true artist !

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