Satyricon released new video: Phoenix



Source Satyricon self-titled album artwork

Usually I would say something about the song and then I’ll say something like enjoy it. But this time you have to listen to the song first and then we’ll talk about it. So enjoy the song below:

OK, now we can talk about it. For those that used to listen to Satyricon before this video: No, they haven’t changed the band’s frontman (yet); and also: Yes, they kind of changed their style (a little bit), but not in a bad way, if you ask me.
This new song, Phoenix actually features the Norwegian singer Sivert Høyem which has a really great voice, and kind of gives another vibe to the whole song, making it a lot darker than an usual black metal one.Actually, if you ask me this is something more like experimental dark and something of symphonic gothic metal (or kind of reminds me of Saviour Machine, just a little bit).

Anyway, the song is one of the tracks from the latest self-titled album, released in September this year. The album actually reached #1 on the Norwegian National Album Charts which is something like he extreme metallers highest chart position to date.

So, if you are getting nostalgic out of the sudden, just grab some old Satyricon album, because this one is just as great as it is.

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