The “Big Four” Tour coming to United States…finally [update: 1/25/11]

The “Big Four” of of the ’80s thrash metal movement – ya know: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax – is finally touring together in America…at some point.  This, of course, comes after they toured Europe last year and put out a concert DVD from the Bulgaria show.

All we know so far is that it’s happening.  Apparently, tour dates are to be announced sometime…later.

Anyhow, I bring this up because I have wonder why this hasn’t happened already.  That is to say, why wasn’t the home country to all four of these bands the first place they toured as this unit?

Oh well, at least its happening.  And I’m so there.

UPDATE: So apparently the “tour” is only gonna be one (fucking) date.  As announced on the just-launched Facebook page, that one date is April 23, 2011, and the so-called festival dubbed “The Big 4” will be in Indio, CA.

So, either move to Cali now or save up.  I can’t imagine the tickets will be anything less than you giving up one of your lungs.  That said, if you are interested, tickets go on sale this Friday (Jan 28) and can be obtained here.

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