Download the ultimate Weezer compilation … in 8 bits!


WeezerOh yeah, baby! We’ve got 14 of Weezer‘s best hits listed right bellow, all available for download for free. You betcha there’s a catch. All of the songs, including Island in The Sun, Holiday or Buddy Holly, are in 8 bit format, which means all your favorite summer anthems now sound like they’re off the Space Invaders soundtrack.

All of the 14 tracks have been mixed by an awesome crew of peeps going by the name of Pterodactyl Squad, a video game label, so they say. Here’s how they described the 8 bit Weezer:

Do you remember that dream you had, where the sound chips from the beloved games consoles of your youth all got together and formed a Weezer tribute band? Yeah? No? OK. That dream is about to come true whether you had it or not.

The songs on this compilation have mostly been created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal ‘one man and his Game Boy’ compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances. Pterodactyl Squad proudly presents the music of Weezer as you have never heard it before.

Yes, memories…

Weezer in 8 bits by the Pterodactyl Squad.

  1. Island In The Sun (Belmont’s Revisal) – videogame orchestra
  2. Holiday – Anamanaguchi
  3. El Scorcho – Tugboat
  4. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here – Bit Shifter
  5. You Won’t Get With Me Tonight – PDF Format
  6. Hash Pipe – seal of quality
  7. In The Garage – OxygenStar
  8. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly – :(
  9. We Are All On Drugs – Rabato
  10. Jamie – Unicorn Dream Attack
  11. Come To My Pod – Mahamajama
  12. Why Bother? – I Fight Dragons
  13. Buddy Holly – nordloef
  14. I Do – arcadecoma.

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