Video: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler on stage with Marti Friedriksen in Nashville

Steven Tyler joined the band’s frequent collaborator, singer-songwriter Marti Frederiksen, on stage last night in Nashville, to perform two classic Aerosmith songs: “Dream On” and “Jaded”.

“I have been working AEROSMITH now since the late ’90s. My first time was with the album ‘Nine Lives’ and I was the co-writer on that. And then I got to co-produce on ‘Just Push Play’. And I have worked on a couple things between that and now. So I have been in the touch them and I became pretty good friends with Steven now and we hang out a lot. We just came around to write some more stuff for this new record and I was able to get five songs on their new album, three of them I produced with Steven. It’s always a pleasure to work with the band.”, said Frederiksen.

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