Watch Prince & Cee-Lo Green perform a bombastic performance of “Crazy” and kicks Kim Kardashian off-stage (ouch!)

Last night, every concrete beam in the massive Madison Square Garden shook as Prince brought his “Welcome 2 America” show to the city of New York, the last leg of his tour. He played every hit marvelously, proving although he’s a megalomaniac, a lunatic or one big asshole, in short, that he’s still the purple guitar god. What came as a total surprise to everybody however was when Cee-Lo Green took the stage next to Prince and the two played “Crazy” impeccably together. Cee-Lo’s voice, although YouTube audio quality is always blamable, sounds as if radiating pure gold, while Prince exhibits his insane guitar licks with each beaten chord. A fitting end to an amazing evening.

Uhmmm, wait. Oh that little thing? You probably read, heard and seen everywhere on the web by now that Prince kicked Kim Kardashian out of the stage, after he reached the of his show when he just brings people up to the stage to dance and she was just sitting there awkwardly, unrelenting to dance. Well, I don’t really know what to make of that, but it sounds pretty badass to me. You can watch the moment again right below (they’re removing the video off YouTube, so I don’t know how long this will be up).

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